The Web We Want.

Prof. Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz-Landua, Germany and University of Southampton, UK

Prof. Steffen Staab
Abstract: The evolution of the Web should move forward in an upward spiral that cylces between guiding values, engineering and science. Guiding values should comprise social values as well as system principles that further stabilization and growth of the Web. Principles I will talk about will include social inclusion, connectedness and fairness. Example efforts improve Web access for disabled, critically access Web structures and Web growth, and try to transfer knowledge about previously found patterns of Web growth to analogous cases.

Steffen studied in Erlangen (Germany), Philadelphia (USA) and Freiburg (Germany) Computer Science and Computational Linguistics. Afterwards he worked as researcher at Uni. Stuttgart/Fraunhofer and Univ. Karlsruhe, before he became professor in Koblenz in 2004 and at University of Southampton in 2015. In his research career he has managed to avoid almost all good advice that he now gives to his team members. Such advise includes focusing on research (vs. company) or concentrating on only one or two research areas (vs. considering ontologies, semantic web, social web, data engineering, text mining, peer-to-peer, multimedia, HCI, services, software modelling and programming and some more). Though, actually, improving how we understand and use text and data and how this relates to Web Science is a good common denominator for a lot of Steffen’s professional activities.