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107 Nikhita Vedula, Srinivasan Parthasarathy and Valerie Shalin. Predicting Trust Relations Within a Social Network: A Case Study on Emergency Response

108 Jiankai Sun, Deepak Ajwani, Patrick Nicholson, Alessandra Sala and Srinivasan Parthasarathy. Breaking Cycles in Noisy Hierarchies

109 Lee Fiorio, Guy Abel, Cai Jixuan, Emilio Zagheni, Ingmar Weber and Guillermo Vinue. Using Twitter Data to Estimate the Relationships between Short-term Mobility and Long-term Migration

12 Cristiana Silva, Glívia Barbosa, Ismael Silva, Tatiane Silva, Fernando Mourão and Flávio Coutinho. Privacy for Children and Teenagers on Social Networks from a Usability Perspective: A Case Study on Facebook

122 James McCusker, Sabbir Rashid, Zhicheng Liang, Yue Liu, Katherine Chastain, Paulo Pinheiro, Jeanette Stingone and Deborah McGuinness. Broad, Interdisciplinary Science In Tela: An Exposure and Child Health Ontology

128 Laura Cruz-Albrecht, Jiejun Xu, Kang-Yu Ni and Tsai-Ching Lu. Characterizing Regional and Behavioral Device Variations Across the Twitter Timeline: a Longitudinal Study

134 Zahra Ashktorab, Eben Haber, Jennifer Golbeck and Jessica Vitak. Beyond Cyberbullying: Self-Disclosure, Harm and SocialSupport on ASKfm

144 Helge Holzmann, Wolfgang Nejdl and Avishek Anand. Exploring Web Archives Through Temporal Anchor Texts

147 Xingsheng He, Di Lu, Drew Margolin, Mengdi Wang, Salma El Idrissi and Yu-Ru Lin. The Signals and Noise: Actionable Information in Improvised Social Media Channels During a Disaster

148 Lingzi Hong, Cheng Fu, Paul Torrens and Vanessa Frias-Martinez. Understanding Citizens' and Local Governments' Digital Communications during Natural Disasters: The case of Snowstorms

153 Bardia Doosti, David Crandall and Norman Makoto Su. A Deep Study into the History of Web Design

160 Qing Ke. Sharing Means Renting?: An Entire-marketplace Analysis of Airbnb

165 Lindsay Poirier. Thought Styles and Design Logics of Web Semantics: An Ethnographic Study of Web Architecture

172 Jessica Ogden, Susan Halford and Leslie Carr. Observing Web Archives

174 Mizanur Rahman, Ruben Recabarren, Bogdan Carbunar and Dongwon Lee. Stateless Puzzles for Real Time Online Fraud Preemption

180 Yasmin Alnoamany, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson. Generating Stories From Archived Collections

21 Yiming Liao, Thanh Tran, Dongwon Lee and Kyumin Lee. Understanding Temporal Backing Patterns in Online Crowdfunding Communities

30 Govind and Marc Spaniol. ELEVATE: A Framework for Entity-level Event Diffusion Prediction into Foreign Language Communities

42 Andrew West. Analyzing the Keystroke Dynamics of Web Identifiers

51 Larissa P Spinelli and Mark Crovella. Closed-Loop Opinion Formation

52 Omar Alonso, Vasileios Kandylas, Serge-Eric Tremblay, Jake Hofman and Siddhartha Sen. What's Happening and What Happened: Searching the Social Web

69 Frederick Ayala-Gómez, Bálint Daróczy, Michael Mathioudakis, Andras A. Benczur and Aristides Gionis. Where could we go? Recommendations for groups in location-based social networks

71 Venkata Rama Kiran Garimella, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Aristides Gionis and Michael Mathioudakis. The Effect of Collective Attention on Controversial Debates on Social Media

74 Despoina Chatzakou, Nicolas Kourtellis, Jeremy Blackburn, Emiliano De Cristofaro, Gianluca Stringhini and Athena Vakali. Mean Birds: Detecting Aggression and Bullying on Twitter

78 Olga Zagovora, Fabian Flöck and Claudia Wagner. The gendered presentation of professions on Wikipedia

82 Helena Webb, Marina Jirotka, William Housley, Rob Procter, Pete Burnap, Adam Edwards, Bernd Carsten Stahl, Matthew Williams and Omer Rana. The ethical challenges of publishing Twitter data for research dissemination

83 Juergen Mueller and Gerd Stumme. Predicting Rising Follower Counts on Twitter Using Profile Information

86 Nora Alrajebah, Leslie Carr, Markus Luczak-Roesch and Thanassis Tiropanis. Deconstructing Diffusion on Tumblr: Structural and Temporal Aspects

90 Sucheta Soundarajan, Tina Eliassi-Rad, Brian Gallagher and Ali Pinar. epsilon-WGX: Adaptive Edge Probing for Enhancing Incomplete Networks

96 Yu Wang, Aniket Chakrabarti, David Sivakoff and Srinivasan Parthasarathy. Hierarchical Change Point Detection on Dynamic Social Networks


103 Charalampos Chelmis and Reshul Dani. ASSIST: Automatic Summarization of Significant Structural Changes in Large Temporal Graphs

123 Omar Alonso, Serge-Eric Tremblay and Fernando Diaz. Automatic Generation of Timelines from Social Media

126 Yongren Shi, Kai Mast, Ingmar Weber, Agrippa Kellum and Michael Macy. Cultural Fault Lines and Political Polarization

127 Jiejun Xu, Daniel Xie, Tsai-Ching Lu and John Cafeo. EDSV: Emerging Defect Surveillance for Vehicles

136 Sharath Chandra Guntuku, Weisi Lin, Wee Keong Ng, Lyle Ungar and Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro. Studying Personality through the Content of Posted and Liked Images

14 Jennifer Golbeck, Zahra Ashktorab, Rashad O. Banjo, Alexandra Berlinger, Siddharth Bhagwan, Cody Buntain, Paul Cheakalos, Alicia A. Geller, Qunit Gregory, Rajesh Kumar Gnanasekaran, Raja Rajan Gunasekaran, Kelly M. Hoffman, Jenny Hottle, Vichita Jienjitlert, Shivika Khare, Ryan Lau, Marianna J. Martindale, Shalmali Naik, Heather L. Nixon, Piyush Ramachandran, Kristine M. Rogers, Lisa Rogers, Meghna Sardana Sarin, Gaurav Shahane, Jayanee Thanki, Priyanka Vengataraman, Zijian Wan and Derek Michael Wu. A Large Labeled Corpus for Online Harassment Research

145 Eni Mustafaraj and Panagiotis Metaxas. Why we shouldn’t be surprised by the Fake News Spreading Plague

15 Rene Arnold and Anna Schneider. Messengers Alive – Exploring consumers’ use of mobile messaging apps to mediate competence, relatedness and autonomy

22 Elisabeth Coskun and Su White. Web Science: Mapping the Curriculum

31 Elvira Perez Vallejos, Ansgar Koene, Monica Cano, Liz Dowthwaite and Virginia Portillo. Youth reflections and recommendations on algorithm fairness

58 Matheus Araújo, Yelena Mejova, Ingmar Weber and Fabricio Benevenuto. Using Facebook Ads Audiences for Global Lifestyle Disease Surveillance: Promises and Limitations

62 Venkata Rama Kiran Garimella, Orestis Kostakis and Michael Mathioudakis. Ad-blocking: A Study on Performance, Privacy and Counter-measures

64 Venkata Rama Kiran Garimella, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, Aristides Gionis and Michael Mathioudakis. Factors in Recommending Contrarian Content on Social Media

66 Ramine Tinati, Aastha Madaan and Wendy Hall. InstaCan: Examining Deleted Content on Instagram

88 Huw Fryer and Elena Simperl. Web Science Challenges in Researching Bug Bounties




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